My Story

I have known since I was a young child I wanted to work in the beauty industry. At 5 my teacher asked me to stop drawing long hair on all my schoolwork. At 9 I taught myself how to French braid on my barbie. At 13 I was cutting my friends hair on my back porch. Finally at age 17 I graduated from cosmetology school.  Having my cosmetology license has given me the rare chance to love my career and the life it has provided me.
After working behind the chair for over 15 years I pride myself on staying on top of trends in this ever changing industry. Constant education keeps me inspired and gives me the chance to connect with other professionals and to travel around the country.
In 2017 I decided to remove as many toxins from my workplace as possible. I was already eating organic at home and using natural cleaning products so why not do the same at the salon? After researching and testing many low toxin hair color lines I decided on O&M and Oway. These brands share my eco conscious values and the results are healthier, shinier hair than I could have imagined.
I became a mom at 22 and again at 24. Having my girls has shown me the importance of work life balance and being a hairstylist allows me to do work I love, yet still have time to drive kids to school  and cook a nutritious dinner from scratch at least 3 days a week.
The empowered, confident attitude I remember from my first salon experience is one I am passionate about sharing with my guests. Book your consultation now and let me share that confident empowered attitude with you.